Smart Mount

Smart Mount


With its unmatched flexibility, nearly nothing is impossible with the Smart Mount.

$ 19.99

Flexibility is the name of the game with the SP Gadgets Smart Mount. Attach your GoPro® Wi-Fi or Smart Remote or any other compatible accessory to your SP Gadgets POV Pole or other matching telescopic pole to get perfect and stunning results. And with the rubber inserts for poles with 21, 23, and 25 mm diameter you have even more freedom for your shots!

Compatible with all items of the Smart Mount System!


  • Fits GoPro® Smart Remote
  • Fits 21/23/26 mm diameters
  • One-Click mount


  • Smart Mount
  • GoPro® Remote Clip
  • Safety leash
  • GoPro® camera, GoPro® Remote, mobile phone and POV Pole not included
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