Remote Selfie Bundle

Remote Selfie Bundle


Take amazing selfies with ease with the REMOTE SELFIE BUNDLE.

$ 49.99

Use your smartphone camera to take perfect pics and footage of yourself, others or anything else, with the easy to use SP Gadgets REMOTE SELFIE BUNDLE. Attach your smartphone to the POV POLE using the PHONE MOUNT and clip on the BLUETOOTH REMOTE to take amazing selfies. You can even attach a GoPro® camera to the pole directly when performing action sports. The PHONE MOUNT can also be used on its own or in conjunction with the BAR MOUNT, TRIPOD GRIP or any other SP-Gadgets mounts (sold separately).


  • Extends up to 480mm
  • For phone widths from 60-90mm
  • GoPro® mounting system
  • Micro USB rechargeable